As a wildlife photographer, Art Wolfe of course takes pictures of animals. But not just any pictures. He finds and captures scenes that include animals that camouflage themselves very well. See if you can spot them.


Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-24-634x421 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-23-634x423 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-22-634x412 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-21-634x419 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-20 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-19-634x409 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-18-634x427 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-17-634x426 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-14-634x382 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-12 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-11 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-10-634x453 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-09-634x422 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-08-634x421 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-06 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-05 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-04-634x403 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-01-634x413 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-03-634x382 Camo-Animals-by-Art-Wolfe-02-634x403

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