Born Free Foundation Campaign

Habitat loss is threatening the survival of wildlife worldwide. natural environments are being destroyed and fragmented by human activities – such as deforestation, war, climate-change and unrestrained agriculture – wiping out species’ food sources, dispersing populations and leaving animals around the world literally homeless or displaced.

Tigers in india, for example, inhabit just 11% of their original habitat, while lions have lost 80% of their natural habitat, and the african elephant’s range is estimated to have decreased by as much as 40% over the last 10 years.

Photographer George Logan and art directors SteveHawthorne and Katy Hopkins at WCRS have created a series of ads for the born free foundation to highlight the issue with the campaign “help keep wildlife in the wild.”

Born free’s conservation work seeks to protect species and their habitats as well as working with local communities to find solutions which allow people and wildlife to live together, and habitats to thrive.

As highlighted in this post, the foundation also provides homes for individual animals that have been displaced, rescuing them from lives of misery in zoos and circuses and placing them back into the wild under the care and protection of born free sanctuaries.


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