Some award winning ads of 2013


Amstel Lager

This is the story of a young man who takes up a job as a dishwasher so he can learn from the chefs around him and, over time, gain the experience he needs to realise his dream of becoming a chef and opening his own restaurant. By taking his time, he not only achieves success but enjoys himself every step of the way. See more of this great story at

C.S Hammam-Lif

For security reasons, the Tunisian Government decided that all Professional Football League games would be played without any audience in the stadiums. After average results throughout the season and with the year’s most important game approaching, historical Tunisian team, C.S Hammam-Lif needed the support of their fans. To reconnect the fans with the Club, we allowed supporters to cheer for their team without being in the stadium. With a downloadable mobile application that connects every fan to 40 giant speakers placed inside the stadium during the game: The 12th Man app.The app enables fans to support their team inside the stadium while watching the game live on TV.
A simple tap on sound icons is instantly turned into powerful support: cheering, clapping, drumming, singing… The more fans press on the icons, the louder the sound in the stadium.

Smart fortwo: Offroad

Apple: Intention

Oreo: Wonderfilled Anthem

Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies: Walk for Memories

Nivea: Solar ad charger



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