Ridiculous Design Feedback From Clients

Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy of Mark and Paddy decided to take their design feedback and create some rather hilarious posters out of them. They call the collection Sharp Suits. A couple grew into several, and before they knew it, they had amassed 72 insane posters that will make your head start spinning. Some people just don’t know what design is, while others have such vague descriptions that you start wondering if they are high or just clueless. Have a look at this incredibly interesting design feedback poster series, and tell me you didn’t get a good laugh after checking them out. Design feedback like this is what you want to show on your wall when your new customers dodge over to start the collaboration. That way, you will ensure that their design feedback is not as out there as your previous client, or maybe that is too much for me to promise.



design-feedback-gone-bad-2 design-feedback-gone-bad-10 design-feedback-gone-bad-12 design-feedback-gone-bad-11 Print design-feedback-gone-bad-1 design-feedback-gone-bad-9 design-feedback-gone-bad-17 Print design-feedback-gone-bad-28 design-feedback-gone-bad-31 design-feedback-gone-bad-32 design-feedback-gone-bad-33 design-feedback-gone-bad-56 design-feedback-gone-bad-13 design-feedback-gone-bad-18 design-feedback-gone-bad-34 design-feedback-gone-bad-37 design-feedback-gone-bad-39 design-feedback-gone-bad-43 design-feedback-gone-bad-46 design-feedback-gone-bad-7 Web brianfitzer A3 poster Print design-feedback-gone-bad-55 design-feedback-gone-bad-22 Print design-feedback-gone-bad-3 design-feedback-gone-bad-6 Print Print LineFont_01 design-feedback-gone-bad-49 design-feedback-gone-bad-61 design-feedback-gone-bad-20 design-feedback-gone-bad-52 Web design-feedback-gone-bad-5 JuliannaSzabo_QuotePoster design-feedback-gone-bad-4 design-feedback-gone-bad-8

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