End Marmite Neglect

Spoofing the Pet Rescue documentary format, this commercial for Marmite will have many of us wondering whether we too have a jar of the neglected spread lurking in the back of a cupboard. Although it has proved controversial – it attracted 250 complaints in its first 24 hours that it trivialised animal and child abuse – it’s loaded with clever gags and the final shot is a lovely reminder that the advertised product is still one that people either love or hate.


One thought on “End Marmite Neglect

  1. LOVE this! Very brave move on Marmite’s part because it’s a bit negative and it’s very true – how many jars of Marmite are sitting at the back of how many cupboards just waiting for us to remember to eat them?! Very brave and not at all because of the non-PC allusions to child and animal abuse. Entertaining, share-able and makes me want to have a Marmite provita right now… which is the whole point. Ra-ra for the creatives behind this!

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