Awesome Camping Ideas

Make grilled sandwiches with this campfire panini press. Just grab two slices of bread, put in some meats, cheese or whatever tickles your fancy. It’s quick, easy and delicious.


Make emergency light sources simply with an altoids tin, cardboard, and some wax. Fold and pack the cardboard into the tin, melt some wax over the top and close the lid until needed.

Wy6b6S8Make portable fire starters by dipping round cotton pads into wax. They’re cheap and you can make 30 for under 10 dollars.


To keep mosquitoes away when sitting around a camp-fire, simple put bundles of sage in the fire every hour or two.


When you’re grilling out in the open, rather than eating your food plain, place somerosemary right on the hot coals and cooked your meat over it. The rosemary steams through the meat and gives it a better aroma.


If you don’t have any kindling, but do have corn chips or Doritos then you have a good way of starting fires. Like it like a piece of paper and burn baby burn.

n5GNgo2If you’re a chocolate and banana lover, then this is for you. easy to make, delicious and serves the munchies straight.wjQV58TUse a belt and hooks to hang up pots and pans.


Shave up a bar of soap with a vege peeler to save time and space in your packs. A slice per shower makes it easy to use, and you won’t lose it as easily as it’s not all out in the open.


For easier storage of antibiotics and even toothpaste, cut pieces out of a straw to create single-use packets. Seal the ends with a lighter and it’s good to go.


These cool hammocks attach to the back of your car so you can relax and enjoy the view. Get them here.


If you can’t live without your spices, and want to take them on your rough and wild adventure, then store them in tic tac containers to keep it fresh and water free.


Ingenius light idea


Use old coffee cans to protect and hold toilet paper wherever you go. Slice a line out of the side, insert your toilet paper, close the lid and you’re done.


Make ground planted candle sticks to light paths and add a bit of ambience. They’re cheap and relatively easy to make. Find out how here.


Keep matches waterproof by keeping them in a plastic container. Glue to the lid a piece of sandpaper but make sure you buy strike-anywhere matches.


Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you don’t need a fulfilling breakfast. Make crescent rolles over the campfire, wedge between a branch. For extra deliciousness try filling them with marshmallows and Nuttela. Go here for directions.


To have a softer and more comfortable tent floor, buy a pack of 10 foam floor mats and lay them out under your sleeping bags.]PuiMChw




























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