The evolution of Apple ads

Apple Computer Inc. was established on April 1st, 1976 and incorporated on January 3rd, 1977. Apple first started advertising its products in the late 1970s.

Here’s a amazing compilation of some of Apple’s most notable advertisements from the 70s until the 2002. It’s amazing how much the Apple product line and technology in general has evolved in such a relatively short period of time.

In the 80s ads were text-heavy and light on images, as were many computer and technology ads from that era. With the launch of the iMac in the late 90s, Apple ads became much more artistic and focused much more on showcasing the product and used very little text compared with earlier ads.

It’s also interesting to see how the ads changed as the hardware changed.


1976apple01 1977apple02 1977apple03 1977apple04 1977apple05 1978apple06 1978apple07 1979apple07 1979apple08 1979apple09 1979apple10 1979apple11 1981apple13 1980apple12 1981apple14 1981apple18 1981apple17 1981apple16 1981apple15 1983apple22 1983apple21 1982apple20 1982apple19 1983apple26 1983apple25 1983apple24 1983apple23 1984apple30 1983apple29 1983apple28 1983apple27 1984apple34 1984apple33 1984apple32 1984apple31 1984apple38 1984apple37 1984apple36 1984apple35 1986apple42 1986apple41 1985apple40 1984apple39 1992apple46 1992apple45 1989apple44 1989apple43 1994apple50 1994apple49 1993apple48 1992apple47 1995apple54 1995apple53 1995apple52 1994apple51 1997apple58 1997apple57 1997apple56 1996apple55 1999apple62 1998apple61 1998apple60 1998apple59 2000apple66 2000apple65 1999apple64 1999apple63 2000apple71 2000apple70 2000apple69 2000apple67

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