Good F*ing Advice

I don’t think I would have made it through college without this website. Whenever I need the push, they pushed me. Warning: They use the F-word A LOT.

Check out their website here: Good Fucking Design Advice



Inspiration is a contagion; it grows bigger and stronger every time it changes hands. It’s simultaneously service provided and payment rendered. It reciprocates as it spreads. Our heroes inspire us, and we inspire each other. We pass this inspiration on to you, and you give it out to the world. In doing so, you return it to where it came from, transformed into something greater than we ever could have made it on our own. This is our business, and business is good.

Life is a series of opportunities, some large, some small, but all with consequences that spread far beyond what an individual can realize in a given moment. The chances to make life better are precious and fleeting. It’s fortunate, then, that such opportunities abound. They are infinite. There’s a voice inside you that reminds you of those opportunities every hour of every day. It tells you to get up and get going and refuses to let you quit. We’ve made it our mission to be the voice outside of you that harmonizes with the one inside of you. That’s the opportunity that we refuse to miss.

You want to run faster? To push harder? We’re right behind you, screaming the F-word. We cheer when you win because we know that if we do our job right, you’ll be there to cheer for someone else. We cheer when you falter too, because we have faltered so often ourselves—we know that failure requires more fortitude than success. Your fortitude is our inspiration. You’re the reason we do what we do; if you weren’t out there busting your ass, we wouldn’t be here busting ours. We’re building a body of work that you contribute to every time you resolve to get shit done.

GFDA is more than a few people shipping orders and thinking up clever ways to use profanity. We’re more than a collaboration between professionals across the world. We’re more than a growing business and source of inspiration. GFDA might be a little something different to everyone. Right here, right now, you may consider GFDA as our personal thanks for giving a damn. Keep it up.

More than anything, we want you to know that we think of ourselves as part of a vast community with common goals and no boundaries. Every time we grab beers after a presentation, receive a grateful email from a stranger, talk to an excited student, get kudos from one of our heroes, work with a talented designer or photographer on something new, or just make someone laugh who couldn’t care less about our advice, we’re secretly initiating new members into our community. Life is good, but it gets better. Together we do more to serve that good than any of us could as individuals.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? We’re going there too, you’re coming with us. Pack your fucking bags.


The Pledge

I, _________________, hereby swear to abandon all fear; to question everything; to trust in myself; to honor those before me as I excel, and to support those who follow as they ascend. I swear that I will never accept another’s standard for success, as I set mine one measure higher. When I am finished, no one will ever fucking look at _________________ the same way again.





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