Creative Ideas

When we start to bring creativity into our business, we often try to force the creative ideas to flow.

Forcing creative ideas, or forcing ourselves to have them, is the surest way to make them turn tail and run.

Instead, seduce the ideas!

How is that done? Well, first, we must understand the mechanics of how our ideas come to us.

No, they don’t come from some muse, whispering in our ear. They aren’t inspiration from outside ourselves.

They are, simply, our subconscious mind, having rearranged all the input we’ve been giving it, sending us thanks for the input with the new arrangements.

The language of the subconscious mind is the five senses and every time we see, smell, touch, taste or hear anything, that is fed into the subconscious mind.

It then plays with it all, shifts it, puts unusual things together, bandies it about, then feeds it back to us in the form of ideas that seem as if they’ve come from some mysterious place. We are responsible for our creative ideas, however.

Trying to force them, then, will only backfire.

Instead, give your mind a suggestion, an area in which to play. It can be the current problem you are working on, an area that needs improvement, or, simply, a request for a new product or service to offer.

Then let it play.

You can do this by simply daydreaming, actually, taking a specific amount of time and “doing nothing”. Five minutes is often enough. By doing nothing, I mean let your mind wander. Give yourself permission to gold-brick.

Ideas may come during this time or they may not. Sometimes, you will get ideas on a completely different topic, one seemingly unrelated to the problem at hand.

Sometimes, you won’t immediately get any ideas. However, if you do this regularly, five minutes a day, you will start to spontaneously get those ideas that seem to come from nowhere.

Have a way to jot them down, then take action on them.

If you don’t think you have five minutes a day, take a second look. You can do your daydreaming while taking a walk, while taking a shower, while sitting on the john, while sitting on the couch.

Don’t do it while driving or anywhere where you need full concentration, but you have many opportunities in your day to make a necessary but mindless activity more productive.

Get in the habit of that and you will start to get more creative ideas than you know what to do with!

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